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we manage your network so you can manage your business

  • We offer harmonized solutions for meeting all of your IT needs, whether you are building a network from scratch or looking to improve your existing IT performance.
  • Ultimately, our networking service enables you to offload time-consuming tasks, ensure high-speed network uptime and security, and take a more proactive approach to upgrades, maintenance and solutions.
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  • Remote Control: With the aid of the integration of VPN or PPPOE servers and dynamic DNS technology, Altima Telecom gives you remote access with all necessary security measures. Employees will be able to have easy access to the internal network from anywhere to safely and quickly get enterprise information and exchange business data.
  • Cloud Data Center: Altima Telecom can help you create a cloud data center for your internal network. By using this service, you can count on the following four advantages: breaking down information silos, facilitating data sharing, ensuring regular backup and safeguarding your data.
  • Multi-Wan Network: Thanks to high accessibility and technical reserves, Altima Telecom offers you a high-speed multi-WAN network, secured with a hybrid access bundling ADSL, fiber optic and cable connections, supporting the functions including bandwidth combination and intelligent shunt. This network is designed to ensure the stable operation of the whole network system no matter which of the connections goes down.
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