FTTN is fiber to the node, which uses optical fiber to a neighborhood box then phone line to your home.

DSL uses phone line which can go up to 7mbps download and 1mbps upload.

Cable is the one that uses the TV cable.

According to the Canadian CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunication Commission), the definition of high speed Internet in Canada is 5Mbps download / 1 Mbps upload or higher.

The waiting period varies between one to two weeks depending on the type of service and season.

Cable Internet uses certified cable modem. If you wish to have more than one device connected to Internet service, you also need a router due to cable modem has one LAN port without Wi-Fi function. As FTTN Internet modem is integrated with router with Wi-Fi, you only need one device.

Altima Telecom’s high-speed Internet services are currently available in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. Feel free to contact our Customer Service team to verify if the service you’re interested in is available at your location. Or you can check the availability of the service directly on our website.

Of course, we can offer you a dry loop, which is a phone line without active telephone service, so that a DSL signal can pass over it, but does not enable you to make or receive calls. Or you can choose the Cable Internet, which is based on the TV cable line.

All new address connection takes around 10-15 days. You’d better notify us at least 2 weeks in advance to avoid any service interruption.

You can check your speed on speedtest.net by hardware connection (connecting your PC directly with the modem). However, the transfer speed may vary by environmental conditions, building inside wire conditions, Wi-Fi and of course your computers and its configurations.

You can check your speed on speedtest.net by hardware connection (connecting your PC directly with the modem). However this 3rd party speed check measurement may not very accurate. If the result is much lower than what you ordered, feel free to contact our Technical Support team to do the trouble shooting.

It’s normal, it may take 2 to 3hours to get the synchronization. Since Online or DSL light stop blinking, you will be able to use internet service. If you don’t have internet access for more than 4 hours after installation, contact us for a trouble shooting.

Yes, you can use your own modem, as long as it is certified. You may configure your own modem by yourself. Please call our Customer service to have further information.

Reboot (power off and power on) your modem, router and computer to get the eventual update from the server. If you still don’t have signal, call us to have a trouble shooting.

It depends on the diagnosis of the problem with you by phone:

- If signal and network are normal, it may device problem. We can replace device either shipping new device or pick up at our locations

- If it’s a network problem, we will send a technician at your place to fix it.

Call our Customer Service, we will arrange you a new appointment as soon as possible, but the date will depend on the technician availability.

IP phone uses Internet as transmission medium, while conventional phone works on public switched network. The rates of IP phone are much lower than those of conventional phone

Yes, of course. Altima offers to transfer your current phone number with 10$ fee. You should keep the number active with your current phone provider at the transfer date.

If you paid for porting in your number to Altima while signing up, it will be free to port out your number. If the number was assigned by Altima, you’ll have to pay $10 for porting out your number.

Yes, Altima Telecom offers you a Global Plan with 1500 minutes to 35 destinations. We also have plans such as unlimited Canada calling+200 minutes to Korea/USA and unlimited Canada calling+300 minutes to USA/China /India.

If you only have a Canada wide plan, you can also make overseas calls, but the long distance charge will be applied. Please go to the following link to check the tariff.


However, for some high rate regions, the overseas calls will not be available due to security reasons. Please contact the customer service for the further questions.

Please dial *97, press the call button, enter the password 1234, and follow the voice instructions.

You will have to use the single jack we provide you to connect your phone and your Internet, since our phone service is based on the Internet. If you wish to have more than one phone device available, we recommend the acquisition of Multi handset Cordless phones, which can accommodate up to 5 telephone devices per single phone jack, depending on the model you choose.

No, the provided equipment is already preconfigured. And with the instructions that you will receive with your equipment, you will be able to plug your equipment by yourself. If you find it difficult to do so, please contact the customer service at 514-800-2266 or 647-977-2266.

You will have the Voice Mail, Caller ID and Call waiting. We offer you as well E911 and Voice Messages by Email service. If you have subscribed our Voice Message by Email service, your messages will be forwarded to your email as audio attachments. Simply open the attachment in a multimedia reader to hear the message. However, Altima IP phone doesn’t work with the home alarm system, and doesn’t support the Fax.

Due to security reasons, you can just use the phone ATA with Altima internet within Canada.

You can pay on line or by phone with a credit card, or pay by check or bank transfer. You could also go to our office and pay in cash, or sign up to the monthly automated payments by the credit card.

Altima Telecom offers an online bill consultation service via the customer portal. For more details, please call customer service at 514-800-2266 or 647-977-2266.

For an environmental concern, we opted for an online bill consultation service via your personal portal. Around the 10th of each month, we will also send you the E-bill to your registered E-mail address. If you insist to have a paper invoice by post, 2$ charge will be applied each month. We offer paper invoice thru regular mail without extra charge only for seniors, people with disabilities and military veterans. We may ask proof of documents.

If you choose to prepay for one year, your billing cycle begins on your activation date, ends by the same date of next year. If you choose to pay monthly, your first billing cycle begins on your activation date, ends by the end of the following month. Then form your second bill, you pay for the whole month from the first until the end of the month.

Yes, you are responsible to contact customer service to stop the billing if you want to cancel the service. Or if you want to suspend the service for few months, the suspension fee will be applied.

IPTV is an interactive network television. It provides users with a range of interactive services including digital television by using a new technology combining broadband cable networks, Internet, multimedia and communications.

First of all, IPTV provides services in different forms. In addition to television programs, users can also do other Internet activities via IPTV;

Secondly, IPTV is interactive indeed. It allows users to choose any program they want in a totally free way;

Finally, IPTV provides a solution to the transmission flexibility. It allows users to select the picture quality based on the actual network conditions in order to control the bandwidth in an intelligent way.

You need to purchase the IPTV box.

Yes. Our IPTV box is based on open Android OS, which allows users to customize it without any limit.

You can register on our website or you can also reach us by calling our customer service center at 514-800-2266 or 647-977-2266 and place the order with one of our representatives.

Yes, the new services will start from the following month. It’s free to change telephone services (except changing a number) but you’ll have to pay some fees for changing Internet services.

You may email or call us any time you want to cancel the service, however, we will appreciate it if you could contact us one week before the cancellation date. If you cancel your services prior to the end of the contract, you’ll need to pay the penalty of $10 per month until the end of your contract.

Generally, our billing department will send you a new bill one month before the end of your term to your E-mail address. If we don’t receive your reply or notice by the end of your term, you are deemed to renew the same service for another year. Otherwise, please contact us at 514-800-2266 or 647-977-2266

Altima Telecom doesn’t offer customer E-mail address. We suggest you to use free address providers such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo, etc.

We have sent you the login and password with the welcome letter on the registering date. If you didn’t receive it or lost it, please contact our customer service to verify your E-mail address and to regenerate a new login and password.

You can request a seasonal suspension, suspension fee will be applied, depending on the different type of service.



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