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Unlimited Internet Usage

All of our High Speed Internet plans include unlimited bandwidth. Upload and download as much as you want and never worry about surprise charges again!


What is the activation fee?

The activation fee is the cost to installl and activate your new Internet service with Altima Telecom. This fee covers the cost of dispatching a technician, if necessary, and the work required to activate and register your service.

What is the upgrade/downgrade fee?

A upgrade/downgrade fee is a one-time charge applied when you either upgrade or downgrade your Internet plan. This fee covers the cost of manpower and system updates required to change your existing service.
NOTE: The upgrade/downgrade fee is waived for prepaid annual subscriptions.

What Can I Do with 6Mbps?

With 6Mbps download speed, you can reasonably expect to do the following:

  • Download a high-definition movie (1,500 MB): 33 minutes 20 seconds
  • Download a low-definition movie (700 MB): 15 minutes 33 seconds
  • Download a song (5 MB): 6 seconds
  • Download a high-definition picture (2 MB): 2 seconds


pay monthly
no contract  

$2995 per month plus tax
Reg. $34.95
  • Activation Fee:$ 0.00
  • Free Rent Super WIFI Home Gateway H268A 1

1A refundable $60 security deposit is required.

* PROMOTION PRICE is valid for 12 months.