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Regist New Service

         Customer Reminder:
         If you want to use your own cable modem for our cable service, please make sure that your device is one of below:
         (10M download and under):DCM425,MOTOSB5101U,DPC2505 TGV,MOTOSB5101N ,MOTOROLA SB5120,
         MOTOROLA SB5101,MOTOROLA 5100,MOTOROLA 4220,DPC2100,DPX2100
         (Above 10M download):DCM475,DCM476,MOTOSB6180,MOTOSB6120 TGV
         Note: You have to own the device. Renting from the current provider is not considered ownership.
         If you are currently using your own cable Internet for a cable Internet service,
         please cancel the service by contacting your current provider, we can place an order for you.

         If you want to use your own Modem-router for our DSL/FTTN Internet (under 25M download),
         we can provide username and password for you. You are responsible to configure your device.
         If you need our help in configuration, we will charge $15 and the configuration is not guaranteed to be successful.
         For 25M download and 7M upload FTTN Internet, the device has to be bought or rented from us.

         For IP phone and IPTV services, purchasing or renting the device from us are a must.