Setting up your
Boost Wi-Fi 6 Router

Try this step-by-step guide to set up your Boost Wi-Fi 6 Router.

What’s in the box

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boost Wi-Fi 6 router

Boost Wi-Fi 6 Router

This device will broadcast Wi-Fi in your home.
boost Wi-Fi 6 router

Ethernet Cable (RJ-45)

This cord connects to your modem.

boost Wi-Fi 6 router

Power Adapter

This is what will give your router the power supply.

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Step 1

Unpack the Boost Wi-Fi 6 system.

Locate your DM 1000 modem.

Reduce the number of walls and ceilings between your Hub and other network devices.

Place the units at least 2 meters away from electrical devices or components that generate interference like a microwave oven, home security system or Bluetooth devices.

Make sure the agent units are placed no more than 10 meters away from the controller unit.

Place the controller in a central point (or close to the central point) of the space to be covered, so that distance from any agent unit to the controller unit is reduced.

Step 2

Connect ethernet to modem.

Step 3

Remove base.

Step 4

Connect ethernet cable to Boost Wi-Fi 6 Router.

Step 5

Connect to power supply.

Step 6

Booting up Boost Wi-Fi 6 Router.

Step 7

Connect your devices.

Step 8


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