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Frequently Asked Questions

IPTV is interactive network television. It provides users with a range of interactive services including digital television by using a new technology combining broadband cable networks, Internet, multimedia and communications.

First of all, IPTV provides services in different forms. In addition to television programs, users can also do other Internet activities via IPTV;

Secondly, IPTV is interactive indeed. It allows users to choose any program they want in a totally free way;

Finally, IPTV provides a solution to the transmission flexibility. It allows users to select the picture quality based on the actual network conditions in order to control the bandwidth in an intelligent way.

You will need to purchase the IPTV box.
Yes. Our IPTV box is based on open source Android OS which allows users to customize it without any limits.

If you got 终端设备连接失败terminal device conncetion fail, you can resolve this issue by following these steps:

  1. Go to 设置setting -> 其他设置other setting-> 更多设置 more setting-> 以太网 Ethernet -> change 关闭 off to 打开on ,
  2. (Please note that you only have a Connection Fail issue if Status is off, if Status is On, there is no problem.)
  3. Test MKTV. It should now be working.